What's the Difference Between a Review and a Project?

A WooRank website Review is a way to instantly check a website’s readability, accessibility and quality factors that impact search engine optimization and usability. In order to evaluate these factors, Reviews collect data about elements that

  • Impact a website at a domain level
  • Impact a website at a homepage level
  • Appear other places on the web such as social media and local citations

This data is a snapshot of a website’s findability, user-friendliness and popularity on the web.

Reviews are perfect for:

  • Marketers who want to do a quick check of their website’s health
  • Sales teams who want to close more leads
  • Agencies and freelancers who want to generate instant website reports for clients
  • Developers who want to validate their work while building a website

Or really anyone else who might need a look at information about a website at a particular point in time.

Projects, on the other hand, take the data collected by a Review and do a few different things with it. 

A Project is augmented with even more data to give users a deeper understanding of a website’s performance. This extra data includes...

  • Google Analytics website traffic, source and user behavior reports
  • Google Search Console’s Performance report
  • Facebook Analytics reports
  • Server accessibility
  • Backlink quality and referral traffic

Starting your Project also gives you access to more tools to collect and analyze more data:

Combining the data available in these tools with that collected in a Project gives users a much more complete view of not just a website’s quality, but also the effectiveness of a marketing campaign and how to go about improving that performance.

Projects are ideal for

  • Marketers and website owners looking to continuously improve a website to achieve their business goals
  • Agencies and freelancers hired to run marketing campaigns for their clients
  • Website owners who want to measure and track the work of SEO service providers they’ve hired

A WooRank Project, and its associated features, is a full suite of tools perfect for website owners and marketers looking to continuously track, analyze and promote a website.

Start Your Project

Starting a Project and getting it all set up is quick and painless. Click on +Create New to add a new Project. You will be redirected to the following page:


Or click the Start Project button from the 'options' drop-down of a Review:


Or from within a Review as shown below:


Clicking one of these will take you to the Project setup section of your Settings page, where you can sync with the tracked website’s Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Facebook page.


You will also have the opportunity to add competitors and signup for WooRank’s email notifications.

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