Review Internal Pages

When you Start a Project and navigate to your Project Dashboard, you will see an option Review Pages, as shown in the screenshot below:


Using this option you can create reviews of individual internal webpages on your website. Enter the URL extension of the specific internal page, as shown in the image below, and click on Create Review:


Your internal page reviews work on the same basic principle as regular Page Review with just a few minor differences.

The biggest difference you’ll see is that internal pages receive letter grades instead of numerical SEO Scores:


The next difference you’ll notice is in the body of the review. Since certain criteria really only makes sense on a domain level (like robots.txt, discovered pages or custom 404 pages), we’ve removed them from the internal page audit.

However, criteria, status indicator colors and advice all work the same way as Reviews.

Please note, if you enter an internal page URL in the normal review generation bar on your Account Overview page, we’ll automatically create an internal review for that page. However, it will not create a Review of the domain. To create a Review (and then a Project), enter your site’s root domain in the generation bar.

Now that you’ve reviewed your site, added your competitors and reviewed your internal pages, let’s learn a bit more about your site’s SEO Score.

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