Adding Keywords to Keyword Tool

To track a keyword, click “Add keywords” button in the center of the screen:



If you’re already tracking keywords, you can add more by clicking the “Add keyword to track” button in the upper right corner of the tool:



You can enter keywords individually or copy and paste several as a comma-separated list.



After entering your keywords, you can select the country (Google domain) and language for these keywords and add any tags to help organize your data:


Click the “Add” button in the lower right to start tracking your keywords.


If you’re looking for some suggestions, we’ll give you some based on your website content and top search queries from Google Search Console.


Just click on the suggested keywords to add them to your selected keywords.

To remove a keyword from your selected list, click the x that appears when you mouse over it:




Once you click the “Add” button we’ll get started collecting ranking and search volume data for your keywords.

Now that you’ve added your keywords, let’s dive into using all the information that Keyword Tool collects.


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