Using Keyword Tool



Using Keyword Tool


  1. Keyword: this is the keyword you are tracking.You can click on it to access your historical graph.
  2. Google domain: Choose which Google domain and language you want to track your keywords in.
  3. Volume: The number of average monthly searches using this keyword (its popularity).
  4. Featured Results: These are the featured snippets that show up for that query. Hover over the icons for more information.
  5. Weekly Changes: Your weekly rankings changes will be shown beside your current position. Green will indicate improvement while red indicates a drop in the rankings.
  6. Your ranking: Your website’s weekly average position for the tracked keyword. Position change is indicated by green and red arrows.
  7. Download as CSV: You can download your keyword ranking reports to keep a track of keyword performance.
  8. Position Spread of all keywords within a Project over a 12-week period.
  9. Keywords left: The remaining number of keywords available to track, according to your plan. 
  10. FilterFilter your keywords with the tags you've added for a clearer view of your keywords' performance by campaign.


Note: Each Project comes with 50 keywords. 

With a Pro plan, you can track up to 50 keywords or keyword chains in your Project and with a Premium plan you can track up to 250 keywords or keywords chains for all your 5 Project. If you need more keywords to track, contact us at so we can introduce you our Enterprise plans. 

Now that you’re set up with Keyword Tool, move on to more advanced SEO with Site Crawl.

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