Using Keyword Tool



Using Keyword Tool



  1. Keyword: this is the keyword you are tracking
  2. Volume: The number of average monthly searches using this keyword
  3. Your ranking: Your website’s weekly average position for the tracked keyword. Position change is indicated by green and red arrows.
  4. Competitors: These are the average positions of your competitor websites for the tracked keywords
  5. Keyword tags: Sort and filter your tracked keywords by custom keyword tags
  6. Historical graph: Track the change in position for your website for the previous 90 days. This graph is updated weekly.
  7. Keywords left: The remaining number of keywords available to track, according to your plan.
  8. Google domain: Choose which Google domain and language you want to track your keywords in.

Note: Each Advanced Review comes with 50 keywords. With a Pro plan, you can track up to 50 keywords or keyword chains in your Advanced Review and with a Premium plan you can track up to 250 keywords and/or keywords for all your 5 Advanced Reviews. 

Now that you’re set up with Keyword Tool, move on to more advanced SEO with Site Crawl.

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