WooRank's Fair Use Policy

Where can I find the Fair Use Policy? 

When you select your WooRank plan, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. Within those Terms of Service, we outline our Fair Use Policy in order to keep the actions of a few users from negatively impacting the system performance for everyone else. 

What does this Fair Use Policy mean?

WooRank is a Product and Service that helps thousands of customers each day and we cannot allow the actions of a few users to negatively influence performance for the majority. Some types of activities are obviously violations. Exploiting multiple trials of the paid features, for instance, as only one trial is allowed per user, would be an obvious violation. Certain activities, though, can cause review performance issues. These activities are difficult to summarize in a policy but are easily identified by the WooRank system. As such, we retain the right to intervene in order to uphold the overall WooRank high-quality user experience.

What are violations of the Fair Use Policy? 

The plan that you've selected allowed for a certain amount of users on your account. The only accounts that allow for team access are at the Enterprise levels, with the amount of users determined and paid with the Enterprise user's WooRank account manager. 

All other plans are a one-user plan, so allowing group access on a single log-in would be a violation of our Fair Use Policy. If we see that you are logging in from several locations simultaneously, we will need to reach out and discuss your subscription to either comply with your plan or upgrade you to an Enterprise account. 

We will also flag accounts that are generating more Reviews and downloading more PDF reports than any one user can reasonably do in a certain amount of time in a non-automated way. While this is subjective, our system is sensitive to an overload of resources in one account and will automatically alert the WooRank team of a user that is abusing our data. In this case, our team will again reach out to the user to alert them of suspicious or abusive usage. 

When do we invoke the Fair Use Policy?

WooRank retains the right to limit or halt access to the Product and Service to any user imposing excessive load on the WooRank system in a way that will compromise the system performance for the majority. WooRank is designed with single user login in mind, excessive (beyond the norm of justified high usage) reporting may be met with a wait time message or may be contacted by our sales team to discuss an Enterprise solution. 

What happens when we invoke the Fair Use Policy?

WooRank wishes to keep its customers satisfied, even those who are in violation of the Fair Use Policy, because we acknowledge that this might not be intentional. Excessive reporting may be met with a wait time message, evening out the load on the system for all users. In extenuating circumstances, if we invoke the Fair Use Policy by limiting or halting the Product and Service, we will get in touch with the impacted users to respectfully resolve the situation.

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