What is a WooRank Expert?

WooRank Certified Experts are individuals who have demonstrated a master level of knowledge of general digital marketing concepts, principles and techniques. Basically, they’ve shown they know enough about digital market that we’re comfortable recommending their services to our friends (and customers!).

The Benefit of Being Certified

There are two main benefits of becoming a WooRank Certified Expert.

The first is that you’ve proved your marketing knowledge to an industry-recognized standard. And you’ll have the certification to show it along with inclusion in our Experts directory. You can also promote your WooRank certification on your LinkedIn profile.

The second main benefit of certification is that we’ll promote you to our users! As mentioned above, we’ll include your profile in our Experts directory which is searchable by anyone. But even better, we’ll promote you in our free Reviews and Reviews. That gets your name and company in front of thousands of people each month.

All with no extra effort!

All of that is on top of the benefits you get from your Premium WooRank plan. And there’s no charge to take the test and become certified.

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