Why can't you find my social media pages?

There could be all sorts of reasons we can’t find a particular social media page. However, there is a way you can force detection of your various profiles with just a few lines of code.

The Schema.org item organization contains a property called sameAs. This property lets an organisation or brand (company, club, school, etc.) reference a page that represents that organisation’s identity. Use the address property to help us find you in local directories as well.

This code is really quite simple to create. WooRank’s looks like this:


<script type="application/ld+json">
 "@context" : "http://schema.org",
 "@type" : "Organization",
 "name" : "WooRank",
 "url" : "https://www.woorank.com",
 "sameAs" : [
 "address": {
   "@type": "PostalAddress",
   "streetAddress": "Cours Saint Michel 30b",
   "addressRegion": "Etterbeek",
   "postalCode": "1040",
   "addressCountry": "BE"

However, you don’t have to write this code yourself. The WooRank Metadata Tool will create it for you, and you can just copy it to the <body> section of your pages.

If you’ve got a WordPress site, we recommend you check out our partners over at WordLift.io to further enhance your site’s semantic markup.

If you’ve added that markup to your site and we still can’t find your Facebook page you likely need to change some of your Facebook settings.

Go to your Facebook Page settings and check the visibility settings for Page Visibility, Reviews, Country Restrictions and Age Restrictions.


If you restrict any of these settings, we might not be able to detect your Facebook page.

Once you’ve updated these settings and saved them, refresh your Review or Advanced Review.

If you’ve completed these steps but your Facebook page still isn’t showing up please contact us at support@woorank.com.

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