Content Partnerships

Thank you for your interest in entering into a content partnership with WooRank! Please take a moment to review our guidelines below:


WooRank covers the following topics related to digital marketing:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Semantic SEO
  • SEO tracking and reporting.

If you need ideas for an article, run a Review or Project of your site. Think of something unique to say about the results of your Review or a particular data point in your site's Project.

We don't have a minimum word count that our partners must reach for their content. However, the article, video or infographic must be long enough to cover the topic in depth and with authority. Each point should include concrete examples, data and links to sources that back up any definitive claims and to provide additional context.

Above all, your article must be useful and provide value to the reader. It's better to create content that explores 1 or 2 points in depth than content that covers 5 or 10 points but only scratches the surface.

Essentially, you should be able to instantly explain “What question does this answer for the user?”

We have high standards for content partnerships at WooRank. If we wouldn't put our own names to the content, we won't publish it. However, we’ll let you know why we thought it wasn’t up to snuff and give you some tips to improve it.

Everyone gets a second chance. 


WooRank only published content that is 100% original and has not been published elsewhere. Once you’ve submitted an article, you may not publish it anywhere else online.

Plagiarism is right out.

If we feel that, for whatever reason, your article does not meet our standards for topic, originality or quality, we won’t publish it. 


Images improve the reader experience and break up walls of text into readable chunks. Therefore, it’s best if you provide at least 2 images with your submission. However, it’s better to have 1 relevant screenshot showcasing what you’re talking about than 5 irrelevant stock photos.

Securing the right to use any images in an article are your responsibility, as is providing attribution with appropriate.

Infographics are encouraged.

Promotional Content

It's ok to create content that mentions your product, agency, service or other work in a positive light. However, at the end of the day, all content must serve the reader's best interest rather than serving solely to promote your business or link to a certain website.

Next Steps for Readers

In lieu of a traditional conclusion section, guest posts should end with a section detailing next steps for the reader. These next steps must be tangible and specific actions the reader can to take to apply the information contained in the article in a way that will improve their website and/or marketing efforts.

The Next Steps section can be in the form of a paragraph or bulleted list.

Submitting, Editing and Publishing

Please submit your article as a Google Doc (preferred) or a Word document.

Once we’ve received your submission, we’ll evaluate it according to the above quality and originality guidelines, as well as compliance with our content style guide. If we think that your submission doesn’t quite reach our standards, we’ll provide you with some notes for improvement.

Once your article meets our quality standards and style guide, we’ll copy edit it for spelling, grammar and punctuation. The boring stuff.

Once your article has been accepted, we’ll notify you of its acceptance and provide you with a rough publishing date. We reserve the right to change the publishing date when needed.

We will send you the link to your article once it’s published.


When the content is published, either by WooRank or by WooRank partners, we’ll come up with a joint promotion plan to reach the audience the content will best serve.

Once we’ve shared your article, feel free to share it with your own audience and engage with ours. In fact, we highly encourage. Just be courteous and professional when replying to comments.

Contact Us

WooRank doesn't accept guest blog posts or participate in link exchanges, but we are always interested in partnerships to help deliver quality, engaging and informative content to users. If you are interested in a content partnership with WooRank, you can concact us at


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