WooRank's Review API

Need to automate your auditing and reporting process? Want to build reports on the go with Near Real Time data?

Woorank’s API offers several options for customers in need of automated and/or customized solutions for large numbers of websites. Our API solutions are perfect for:

  • Leadgen and inbound sales departments
  • Web development and digital marketing agencies
  • SEO consultants looking to automate the audit process

WooRank's Review API

WooRank’s API is the perfect solution for consultants, agencies, owners of multiple web properties or anyone looking to automate their SEO auditing and reporting services. It even gives them the option to integrate WooRank’s auditing power into their own website or internal dashboard.

API results are completely customizable in terms of criteria and available in CSV, JSON and PDF formats.

Build reports with your most important data to help you to always follow best SEO practices:

  • On-page and content optimization
  • Competitive intelligence and analysis
  • Speed tests and user experience

Use WooRank’s review generation bar directly on your website to generate more leads for your business with the LeadGen tool. See it in action here. Read more about how it works here.

Criteria available

Here is a list of the criteria retrievable via your API access:



WooRank Score

Dynamic grade on a 100-point scale rating your SEO effectiveness

Title Tag

HTML title-tag appearing in browser tabs and search result pages

Meta Description

HTML description-tag appearing in search result pages

Google Preview

Preview of how this website appear in Google search results


Headings structure on the page

Content Analysis

The words and phrases that the page appears to be optimized around.

Alt Attribute

Number of all images and a list of images missing alternate text attribute

In-Page Links

Frequency of external vs. internal links and a list of all links

Broken Links

List of broken links (links resulting in a 4XX or 5XX status code)

WWW Resolve

Does the www version point to the non-www domain (or vice versa)


Presence of robots.txt file and the URL of this file

XML Sitemap

Presence of sitemap(s) and the URL(s)

Underscores in URL

Usage of underscores in URLs


Information about the URL (length, TLD, ...)

Custom 404 Page

Presence of a custom 404 (page not found) page

Asset Minification

Are asset files (css, js, ...) minified and list of unminified files

Asset Compression

Are asset files (css, js, ...) compressed and list of uncompressed files

Asset Cacheability

Are asset files (css, js, ...) cached and list of cached files

Structured Data

List of structured data found on this website (json+ld, RDFa, OpenGraph,...)


List of technologies found on this website (list of supported technologies)


List of analytics technologies found on this website (list of supported technologies, ‘Analytics’ section)

SSL Secured

Presence of SSL certificate (HTTPS) and information about its configuration


Language declared in HTML and language detected in content on page


 Presence of favicon and the URL of this file

Server IP

 IP and geographical location of server where website is hosted


Presence of an AMP version and screenshot of the AMP version

Mobile Fontsize

Font size legibility on mobile devices

Mobile Viewport

Mobile viewport presence and content is sized to viewport on mobile devices

Mobile Frameworks

Presence of a mobile framework

Mobile Tap Targets List of tap targets that fail on mobile devices
Mobile Friendliness Friendliness of the page on mobile devices
Mobile Compatibility List of plugin content detected on the page
Backlinks Score
Backlinks score of the website. Score range from 0 (lowest) to 4 (highest)
Backlinks Referring  Domains
Number of domains of the website backlinks
Backlinks Counter Number of links that point to the website from other websites
Facebook Brand Page Facebook page content
Twitter Account Twitter account information
Instagram Instagram account information
Crunchbase Crunchbase Entry information
Local Directories Local Directories: Google My Business and Yelp
Local Online Reviews Local Online Reviews in local directories
Schema.org Schema.org markup detected on the page


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