Sync Your Data

Upgrading to an Advanced Review allows you to pull in additional website data from other tools. After clicking “Start your Advanced Review”, you’ll be able to add these extra data sources:

  1. Add your competitors - we’ll suggest some in case you can’t think of any.
  2. Sync your Google Analytics account to add traffic and user behavior data to your report.
  3. Sync your Google Search Console account to add search analytics and crawl error data right from Google.
  4. Sync your brand’s Facebook account to track Facebook engagement and audience data in your Advanced Review.


To sync each account click on the sync button.
Then, log in using the Google account associated with your Google Search Console and Google Analytics account for that website. Once you’ve signed in, click the “Allow” button to give WooRank permission to sync your data from that account:




Once you’ve synced your website data with your Advanced Review, enroll in email notifications to receive automated reports.


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