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Reviews are WooRank’s instant website reviews and the first step to accessing your Projects. Simply enter your site’s domain in the review generation bar on your Overview page and click the "Create Review" button:

You can also click the “Website URL to review” button in the top right corner of the page and enter your domain there:

In the summary section at the top of your Review, you’ll find your SEO Score (a grade on 100 point-scale that represents your site’s overall SEO health), the SEO Scores for your 3 competitors, and a summary of how much improvement your site needs.


Note: Your SEO score doesn’t have a direct impact on your site’s performance in search results. Rather, it represents how good your site looks through the eyes of a search engine.

We generally find that websites that reach 70-75 are very good, while those that score below that have some work to do.

Your review summary dashboard also includes buttons to download reports as PDFs or slideshows.


Each criteria is color coded as green (passed), orange (warning) and red (failed). They are also rated on the difficulty to fix and how much impact optimizations can have. Each criteria also includes content giving context around the criteria and some advice for optimizations.



Now that you’ve created your Review, it’s time to move on to the next step: Adding your competitors.


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