Explanation of WooRank

WooRank acts as a digital marketing assistant for you and helps you analyze your website, plan an optimization strategy and track your performance. 

On our reviews, you can get a quick idea of how your site is doing in terms of technical optimization. This includes more than 80 metrics, and gives your site a score out of 100.
This is great for showing bosses and customers alike what needs to be improved on a site.

If you're monitoring your company's website and want to go a little deeper into the data, you can use the Advanced Review feature to track all of your most important website data in one place, while following our prioritized Marketing Plan to further improve your site's search engine optimization, usability, and online promotion.

With the Advanced review feature you get to do the following:

- Sync Google Analytics & Facebook to your website's WooRank report that helps you track your visitor data within WooRank. 

- You can also track the keywords you are using for search optimization to see how you rank for them and even compare your ranking to your direct online competition with the Keyword Tool.

- Backlink tracking makes it clear which links are bringing the most traffic to your site or sending your site more authority.

- With the Advanced Review you also have access to the Site Crawl to identify potential areas of weakness on your website that you might have missed. 

We have two basic plans - Pro and Premium. While Pro has 1 advanced review to offer, Premium plan offers you 5 advanced reviews so that you are able to simultaneously monitor and track and optimize 5 websites on your account with the above mentioned features. 

Finally, our white-label PDF feature offers a great option for reporting to your company or clients, and custom tips allow you to advise your client however you think is best. The PDF editor allows you to customize the reports as per your brand image. 

As part of the Premium plan at WooRank we have now introduced Lead Generation Widget  that helps you convert your site visitors to potential leads.

If you have any further questions about the tool, please let us know at support@woorank.com.

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