WooRank Keyword Tool

WooRank's Keyword Tool makes keyword tracking easy on Google domains. This tool is part of the Advanced Reviews' features.

Each Advanced Review comes with 50 keywords.
With a Pro plan, you can track up to 50 keywords or keyword chains in your Advanced Review and with a Premium plan you can track up to 250 keywords and/or keyword chains for all your 5 Advanced Reviews. 

You can add up to 3 competitors to compare your rankings with theirs. Additionally the Keyword Tool includes suggestions for relevant keywords based on what is detected on your website. If you do not see any suggestion provide, the site in review might have been recently made. 

Keyword Tool displays the volume and the latest ranking data, with weekly changes in your site's position indicated in green for improved rankings and red for decreased rankings.

You can see a graph of your keyword’s weekly performance or a list of the top 10 Google results for that keyword. Sites that appear outside the top 100 results are shown as ‘100+’.



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