How can I customize my PDF reports?

Click on "PDF Templates" in the drop-down menu.

This will take you to the PDF Editor where you can customize your PDFs in each language (one template per language). Be sure to select the correct language before you start editing.  

    • Which elements can be edited?

You can customize or remove the following elements: 

  • Colors and logo
  • The WooRank score can be removed
  • PDF format and page size (A4, US Letter)
  • The footer can be edited
  • The tooltips can be edited or removed
  • Remove criteria from the PDF
  • External links can be removed
  • Edit cover page text and add links
  • Edit closing page text and add links



    • Here are some recommendations for a better PDF customization:

Logo Size:

We automatically resize logos for a better fit but the maximum size for an ideal image is:
max_width = 800
max_height = 400 


For file-type, .PNG and .JPG files work, but we convert .PNG to .JPG so we recommend that you use a .JPG for better quality. Also, using a transparent background will often result in strange logo results - try a solid one in .JPG or use a white background instead.


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