What does an Advanced Review offer compared to a Review?

A Review includes an immediate, static and technical overview of your homepage's SEO and online presence, including more than 70 criteria divided into 3 groups:
- Optimize: SEO, Mobile, Usability, Technologies. 
- Promote: Backlinks, social & local media.
- Measure: Visitors & Traffic. 

An Advanced Review includes everything that's in a review, only enhanced with tons of extra data thanks to Google Analytics integration, Google Search Console & Facebook Page syncing. 

Additionally, an Advanced Review includes 2 other tools: Keyword Tool & Site Crawl. 
With the Keyword Tool you can track up to 50 keywords or keywords chains per Advanced Review to see how well your website performs for them in search results. 
The Site Crawl digs through your pages to find issues that could be affecting your site.

It's ideal for monitoring your own website or that of a client, especially because it includes a personalized Marketing Checklist in order to help get the website fully on track.

Advanced Reviews also include uptime notification emails, so you can receive an alert any time your site goes down, and weekly email digests to help you keep an eye on your website's search position, traffic metrics and social media. 


To start an Advanced Review, click on the "Start Advanced Review" button in your review page. 

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