Canonical Tags

This section identifies pages that contain a canonical tag and the canonical URL. The canonical tag goes in the page’s <head> and indicates that the page hosts content that is copied, or similar enough to be considered duplicate, from another URL.

Canonical URLs are an important part of managing duplicate content that naturally arises from large, complicated websites. The canonical tags show search engines where they can find the original version of the page, and where they should consolidate link juice. Note that canonical tags, while strong suggestions, are still just suggestions.

The tag on Canonical Tag is red when the canonical URL cannot be accessed, sitemap mismatches where the canonical URL does not match the URL in your sitemap, and Open Graph mismatches where the canonical URL does not match the Open Graph URL.

These issues could result in search engines seeing multiple instances of duplicate content, which impact your entire site’s ability to rank.


Issues are also broken down into different color tags:

  • Blue: Informational. These issues aren’t necessarily impacting your site’s ranking, but you should still be aware of what’s on your site
  • Orange: Medium priority issues that are important, but less critical than the red ones
  • Red: High priority, critical issues that are potentially impacting your site’s SEO. You should fix these issues right away
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