Meta Description Issues

This section finds missing, too long, too short and duplicate meta descriptions on your site.

A page’s description is a snippet of code in the page’s <head> :

<meta name=”description” content=”A description of what the page’s content is about, normally around 150-160 characters.”/>

Meta descriptions are not used by search engines ranking algorithms, but they can influence your page’s search ranking because they directly influence a page’s click through rate and bounce rate.

Search engines will scrape a page and use the text surrounding keywords to create a description for pages with descriptions that are too short, missing or inaccurate. This means your page’s search snippet will likely be less attractive to click on, and possibly less accurate than one you create yourself. Descriptions that are more than 160 or so characters will be cut off in the search results. Like title tags, every page should have a unique meta description to avoid possible duplicate content issues.

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