Title Tag Issues

This section finds missing, too long, too short and duplicate title tags on your site.

A page's title tag is a bit of code that goes in a page's <head> :

   <title>Title That Describes the Page Content</title>

Search engines interpret title tags as a description of what a page is about, and rely on titles heavily when deciding relevance to a search query. They are also displayed in SERPs as part of a page’s search snippet, so they can also impact click-through rate and bounce rate.

Title tags are usually cut off in search results after 65 characters (or 512 pixels) long, so users won’t see keywords that appear at the end of longer title tags. Each title tag on your site should be unique (to avoid potential duplicate content issues), and include a keyword or phrase at the start of the title. Only use one or two closely related keywords per tag to avoid keyword stuffing, a major red flag for web spam.

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