How to force social detection with a WordPress website?

If your WooRank review did not detect your Facebook Fan Page or any other social network site. Here are the following steps if you have a WordPress website you won’t be able to add the schema script provided here:

You can download a Plugin to assist adding Social Network account(s) to associate them with your website.

We will provide you two alternative method to go about this

1) We recommend using All In One SEO Pack Plugin:

After you’ve installed the plugin, you will need to go to section called: “Social Meta”.

Scroll down until you see “Social Profile Links”

Add all the social account that you want to link to your site.

Make sure it is an Organization.

If you added Facebook Page, please make sure to set the Page Visibility, Reviews, Country Restriction and Age Restrictions. If your Facebook account restricts visibility, we will not be able to detect your Facebook Page. Click Here to change learn how you can change your visibility.

2) You can download the Header and Footer Script Plugin

You can add the schema you've generated from this tutorial:

and add it to the header section.

You can also use this plugin to add your Google Analytics Tracking Code to verify your site.

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